Weddings, Debutantes, Tours, Airport Pick Up’s, Photoshoots, Commercials

Lamborghini Gallardo Syder, Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe & Lamborghini Diablo Coupe

The Lamborghini Gallardo Syder (White), The Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe (Yellow) & The Lamborghini Diablo Coupe (Black) is $790 for two hours minimum and $290 per hour thereafter. A deposit of $290 will secure your dream car.

Lamborghini Gallardo Performate Sypder

The Lamborghini Gallardo Performate Syder is $1990 for two hours minimum and $390 per hour thereafter. A deposit of $490 will secure your dream car.

Lamborghini V12 Countach

The Lamborghini Countach is only available for photo shoot’s or commercials, not for chauffeured hire. Please contact us for a quote.

Winery Tours

Organise an amazing day with one or two of our Lamborghini’s and a stretch Chrysler 300C Limousine for all your guests. Everyone will rotate through the Lamborghini’s to experience the thrill of the world’s greatest supercars!

Pick up’s & Special Events

Yes, we can deliver you in style to your next special occasion or perhaps even just pick you up from your function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have a drive?

These are chauffeured Lamborghini’s only. Due to the high expense, immense power and insurance restrictions, these cars cannot be driven by our customers.

Q: How many people can fit in each Lamborghini?

Each Lamborghini is a two seater sports car. Therefore there is room for yourself and the chauffeur.

Q: Will you travel anywhere?

Included in your hire is the travel component to get to your first location / pick up address. Destinations further than major metro Melbourne and the eastern suburbs,  may incur additional travel and distance charges.

Q: How about unmade roads and steep driveways?

Lamborghini’s are the most desired and most expensive supercars in the world. Unfortunately, under no circumstances will any of our fleet risk travelling on any unmade roads or deep driveways. All roads must be sealed in bitumen or concrete. Dirt roads, crushed rock and unmade surfaces will not be entertained. Driveways and entrances vary and not all are possible for entry with a Lamborghini. The driver has the right to make the judgement at the time.

Q: Legals and Insurance?

Wild Lamborghini is fully insured for its advertised purpose and will always conform with all Australian road rules and regulations.

Q: When is payment due?

Balance of your payment is due prior to the car leaving head office or cash at the time of arrival. There will be no exceptions to this policy.