• WILD lambo chauffeured lamborghinis

Wild Lamborgini is the only chauffeured Lamborghini hire company of its kind in Melbourne, Australia. We offer you the chance to arrive at your special event in one of the world’s most iconic supercars! Imagine being dropped off at your wedding, deb, or being picked up and chauffeured to a special event, or even just surprising someone with the best present ever?

Lamborghini Hire

Our Wild Lamborghini’s are available for special event hire, photoshoots, video clips and TV commercials around Melbourne. Call for more details today!

Made in Australia

All our Carbon Fibre Parts are manufactured right here in Australia to the highest standards for a perfect fit using only the best quality carbon fibre in the world!

Carbon Fiber Parts

The 1st Generation Lamborghini Gallardo would still have to be the most successful Lamborghini ever! Tailor and design you own look with a full array of carbon accessories.